Money Matters for Retired
Investments Post-Retirement

Every retired person would love to maintain similar lifestyle as he/she had prior to retirement. Hopefully you have amassed a sizeable retirement corpus which may be held in some investment. Unless you intend to continue with some sort of work you will not add to your corpus but will withdraw from it to sustain your life. Now is the time to fine-tune your investment strategy to suit your specific needs. Broadly at this stage your investments should aid in achieving the following two important goals:

1. Keeping your home and maintaining your lifestyle

2. Paying for whatever care you may require

Your retirement corpus could be in the form of employer-sponsored benefits such as PF and gratuity or your personal investments in pension plans of insurance companies, PPF, NSC, shares, mutual fund and bank FDs. In the absence of sufficient pension you need to invest in financial products that give you guaranteed income every month all your life. At the same time you can allocate some portion of your corpus for capital appreciation. 

In the following sections we discuss some common investment options for income generation purpose.

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